Thursday, December 6, 2018


Hi everyone!:) I still do not have a computer, but I did make an Instagram! It’s much easier to post pictures from a phone there than here on blogger. My username/handle there is @elsamakotorenge
As for here, I am experimenting trying to upload pictures...let’s see...

It seems like it may indeed be working but it’s kind of tedious. I’ll see if I can practice uploading pictures here and figure out how to do it faster. For now have a cute picture of little Elsa from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.:)

Signing off for now, over and out!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Explanation for disappearing...

Hi again everyone! So the reason I've vanished from everywhere online except GoodReads and eBay  basically is because my old laptop is broken. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to fix it or if I will have to save for a new one or whatever. Or if I am going to get my mom's new-old 2012 one if she gets a new one. Sigh. So until the laptop issue is fixed, I won't be updating on and there won't be long posts on here. They are a pain on mobile. So maybe I'll just do some short posts or something in the meantime. I am very sorry.:/

Have an old Griffon  picture in the meantime while I figure out what to do.:P
Signing off for now over and out!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Shout-out for American Cat Creations Etsy Shop...with LE Elsa from Olaf's Frozen Adventure

Hi again! After weeks again....sorry. This is just a quick post today! I want to give my friend's Etsy shop, American Cat Creations, a shout-out. You can find her shop here:

ACC has adorable and well-made plushies. Here is my Disney Store Christmas special Elsa with my two American Cat Creations plushies! I have an owl and a stingray.

Yes, I took Elsa out of her box. I ALWAYS debox my dolls, LE or no.;)

Elsa has never seen an owl that is this big...but she quickly made friends.
The owl matches Elsa's dress almost perfectly!
Elsa says to 100% recommend American Cat Creations for some new animal friends (or pillows!) I have bought my parents pillows from my friend's shop before, and they both liked them.

I do not think ACC has any other stingrays for sale right now, but there are lots more owls! There are also some really cute glasses cases. And pillows.

One more picture...

This is not Elsa's post, so I will not talk about her much here. (She will get her own review next post!) I'll just say she is lovely in person and I don't think her stock photos do her justice. Definitely check out Liz's Etsy shop! I 100% recommend, and her shipping is always prompt, and items ship safely. They also come wrapped nicely in tissue paper or the like. As Christmas LE Elsa is 17" tall, that should give a good idea of how big my ACC plushies are. I hope you check out the shop!

Signing off for now, over and out!

P.S. And for whoever reads this that reads my fanfics, I am sorry I haven't updated in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Review: American Girl Kirsten Mini Doll

Hi again! Today I'm reviewing mini Kirsten from American Girl. My Kirsten was a thrift store find, so she's not in perfect shape. I will take this into account while reviewing so it is fair.:)

Mini Kirsten comes in the same meet outfit her 18" self would have come in. American Girl officially retired Kirsten and her collection in January 2010. I don't own the larger full-size version of her, so I can't compare them. I like Kirsten a lot, but I have Cindy (#32), and she also has light skin, the classic mold, and blonde hair with bangs. Cindy does have significantly shorter hair, though. So Kirsten is not coming here, most likely. I love a bunch of Kirsten's clothes though, so I might let Cindy stand in for her if I ever get ahold of those outfits.

 Okay. Enough chattering. Back to mini Kirsten. Here she is:
My Kirsten's bangs are a bit...out of control...

My Kirsten doesn't have her shoes, since I got her at a thrift store. However, she cost $1.98. I'll deal with no shoes.

Mini Kirsten's face looks very much like pictures of her larger counterpart, in my opinion. I can't say the same for all AG minis, honestly.  She has dark blonde hair and blue eyes. I like how detailed mini Kirsten's face is, considering she's only 6 inches tall. You can see her little eyebrows under the unruly bangs.:P I'm sure part of the unruliness is simply because she's secondhand, but they are a little thick and long for the size of doll, regardless. Not a big deal, but. Just saying.
What? You don't like my bangs, Manta?!
You can also see the tiny flower print on her dress here. It's cute, I like it. The white collar is a bit wrinkled. That is my fault. I like that her blue hair ribbons aren't enormously huge.

My Kirsten did not have her looped braids intact when I got her, so I just did it this way for now. It would look a million times better if I could find my clear elastics. Ahem. Ignore the wayyyyy too big red hair tie. The red hair tie is annoying me now. I need to fix that.:P

The sleeves look a bit too bulky from the side to me. I don't remember full-size Kirsten's sleeves being quite so loose around the wrists, though, as I said before, I don't have her, so I can't confirm. Anyways. Here you can see mini Kirsten's braid(s) and her outfit better. The apron is completely separate from the dress. I would have taken it off to show, but the bow tying the apron looks perfect right now and I am scared I wouldn't be able to retie it as nicely again.

Kirsten's apron has a small pocket on the left side. (Doll's left, not yours.) It's a real pocket, but is so tiny I don't think anything would fit in it, really. However, I really like this detail.

My Kirsten doesn't have her shoes, but here are her little striped socks:
They are really cute. Here you can also see the lace trim on her pantelettes.

 Here are Kirsten's socks:

Bare feet:
She has cute, blocky feet, very very similar to the 18" American Girl dolls. I think they might be simply a shrunk-down version. American Girl mini dolls are 6", so 1/3 of the big ones.

Mini Kirsten can sit easily, but she tends to fall over if she isn't leaning against something. Here she is leaning against the comforter quilt backdrop.:P I do wish my Kirsten had her shoes...

And she can turn her head from side... side.
That red hair tie is obnoxiously big. I need to find a smaller one.
One last cute picture just because!
I definitely recommend mini Kirsten, but I don't think I would give her to a child under 7 or 8 or so, which fits with American Girl's 8+ recommendation. My doll has some flaws, but that is because she's a thrift store rescue, so I won't dock points for that.

I think the mini AG dolls are worth their price, so I feel like a got a terrific deal paying $1.98 for my mini Kirsten at the thrift store, even though she's missing her shoes and her hair isn't perfect.

Final Grade: 9/10. (Minus for hard-to-tie apron and crazy bangs that I know were a bit crazy when she was new:P)

Signing off for now, over and out!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My Current Doll Wishlist

Hi again.:) This is a "just for fun" post on my part...I know it is not going to be of any use to anyone, but blog, I write silly stuff when I please.;)

 This is literally just a list of the main dolls on my current wishlist.:) All pictures are off retailers' sites; they're not mine. They are stock photos. Will this post be full of fangirling? Yes, yes it will. ^_^

To be 100% fair, I will simply go in alphabetical order of their names.

LE Elsa and Anna from the Disney Store. In their outfits from the Christmas special. I stinking LOVE their outfits, and that Christmas special was cute and really good, get away with the 'THAT WAS AWFUL AND NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADE' comments. Hmph.:P I do not understand why it got such bad reviews. *sighs* The good part is that that means the LE dolls are still available right now!:)
Yeah, I'm going to be out of alphabetical order now, since Anna and Elsa are in the same picture. Oh well. Everyone else should be in order.;)

Chantilly from Paradise Galleries. I'm not really into reborn-type dolls ordinarily (or baby dolls, really, most of the time), but I love Chantilly. She's cute. I wouldn't get any more reborn-type dolls besides her, but I want Chantilly.
I like her way-too-frilly outfit, but I would SO get her some other clothes if/when I get her. Something blue. I am partial to blue things.

Diya, my Create-Your-Own doll I designed on the American Girl site. She's one of my original characters from fanfic-and/or-RP-storyverse. She is 10, a telepath, and very girly. I will probably write more about her at some point, even before I get her.
You can't see Diya's freckles very well. I swear I gave her freckles.
Mini Gabriela from American Girl.

Kendall from American Girl. She's one of the WellieWishers.
I'd get the Winter Wishes outfit (ie., the WellieWishers outfit that reminds me of Elsa) and put it on her.

Luciana from American Girl. I LOVE LUCIANA SHE IS SO CUTE SHE LIKES SPACE AND HAS GLITTER STICKERS AND SHE RODE A ROLLER COASTER SIX TIMES IN A ROW ONCE AND HAS A PURPLE STREAK IN HER HAIR AND SHE'S ANOTHER GOTY OF COLOR AND SHE'S ADORABLE AND AHHHHHH okay the Manta is done. very done. I cannot say how much I like Luciana. She's jumped to #2 in favorite Girl of the Years after Kanani.
I originally screenshot-ed this picture on the phone. Hence the weird look. WHO CARES LOOK AT LUCIANA

Mini Maryellen from American Girl.

Nanea from American Girl. I still need to read Nanea's books, but she's so cute and I love her collection.
Go read my books, Manta!

Ruthie from American Girl. I wish I had gotten Ruthie before she retired.
I am trying to save up money right now. LE Christmas special dolls first, because I'm scared they will sell out before I can get ahold of them.:P And I am asking for Luciana for my birthday next month...we shall see. Anyways! This was fun for me to type up, honestly...I might do another wishlist post soon. Maybe for AG outfits. That would take forever, though. I don't know. Next post coming up will be mini Kirsten's review.:)

Signing off for now, over and out!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Mini Photoshoot: Disney Store Singing Elsa (again!)

Hi again! Yes, I'm taking pictures of my 16" singing Elsa.:) She borrowed a different one of my sister's Tonner doll dresses. And quite frankly I just like taking pictures of her. This will be a short post, just a warning.

Here she is:
Hi, Elsa.
Even the Tonner shoes fit, which really surprised me, because DS singing Elsa's feet are not the same shape as Tonner Ellowyne feet.

I am not sure how/where my sis got ahold of this outfit, but it looks great on Elsa. Probably because it's blue.;) This dress fits her better than the pink flowered dress she was wearing in the first mini photoshoot. I was worried the hat would not fit over her hair, but it looks fine to me.
I would wear this outfit if it existed in girl-size.

The lighting is pretty bad in this picture, but you can see Elsa's purse and the way the outfit fits her better.
It was a bit hard to get Elsa to hold the purse. Don't drop your purse, Elsa.

I really like the way this last picture turned out.:) She looks like how I imagine my mAU rp Elsa to look here, which is cool.

And that is it for now!

Next time on One With the Wind and Sky: current doll wishlist (a partial! all would take forever and a day to listXD) or AG mini Kirsten review.

Signing off for now, over and out!

(P.S. If the friends that I owe PMs to read this, I am not ignoring you-I know I still need to reply.:P)

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Outdoor Snow Photoshoot: Jess, DAC Elsa, and Freja

Hi again! We had a LOT of snow for my area a few several days ago. Once it stopped being so windy, I took three of my dolls outside for pictures.:) Photo dump ahead. You have been fairly warned.;)

Jess is an American Girl doll, which I'm sure anyone reading this probably already knows, but if any newbies are reading, hi, welcome, she's an AG.:) 

Jess was Girl of the Year 2006. I will now refer to "Girl of the Year" as GOTY if I need to type it again. My Jess is from ebay. She was in pretty good condition when I got her aside from a few white marks on her limbs...none of which are visible in these pictures since she's wearing winter clothes. XD I also did her pigtail braids. I love Jess's hair; it's long enough to actually play with but isn't super duper long *coughcough*Kanani*coughcough* or difficult to take care of *coughcough*Caroline*coughcough*.
Jess, as you are not immune to cold, you need gloves or mittens. I have no AG-sized gloves or mittens.

Jess's pink coat and boots are not AG (at least as far as I know) but came with her in the ebay auction. She is wearing the Weekend Fun Outfit shirt and pants under the coat.

This is my favorite picture I took of her. Stinky apartment building background in half the picture though...oh well.

She's waving. Hi, Jess. My sis gave me the blue hat and scarf. I do not remember where she got them. I think maybe one of her online friends or etsy, I'm not sure. It's been quite awhile.:P
You can see Jess's shirt and boots better in this picture. I technically bought the Weekend Fun outfit for Cindy (MAG#32) originally, but whatever. Jess swiped the shirt and pants.:) I like the pink boots, but whatever brand they are, the pink is chipping off the back of them. It's not a super big deal, I guess, but annoying.

Freja is my Precious Moments doll who was featured in the previous post. Elsa is a Disney Animator's Collection doll, like Pocahontas from the previous post. I...might...actually...have two DAC Elsas...sorry not sorry, lol. My "original" DAC Elsa I got at my local Disney Store before it closed. The second DAC Elsa, who's in this post, was a thrift store rescue. She cost 99 cents! She had wrecked hair, hence the plain ponytail and no braid (though I could probably braid it now if I wanted). Thrift store DAC Elsa did have her original dress, but it's a bit torn, and besides I like this dress on her. She did not have her black ribbon headband, tights, or shoes.
Freja is on her stand. Elsa is standing on her own. Barefoot. Because the cold never bothered her anyway.

Different view of the same shot...

Elsa says to please stop making bad Let It Go puns. XD

"SERIOUSLY, MANTA?! These lines have been said a hundred times."
Manta inserts herself in to say little Elsa has not sung the song yet and so wouldn't recognize the references. XD

*whistles innocently*

Freja and Elsa playing in the snow. Some BIG tree branches fell and it made for good doll photos.:)

Little Elsa takes awfully cute pictures.:) This dress is actually meant for AGs, but the style means it can still work on the DAC dolls.

Freja's cute face. The lighting is not very good in this picture, though.

Yes, Freja still has her tag. I did not want to take it off.:P
Do you wanna build a snowman?
I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I LOVE taking doll pics in the snow, but since it doesn't snow here very often, I rarely get to do it. There is still some that hasn't melted yet...I MIGHT have another snow photoshoot with mini Kirsten and mini Grace. Not sure yet.:)

Signing off for now, over and out!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Doll Comparison (feat. American Girl, Disney Animator's Collection, Princess&Me, and Precious Moments)

Hi again! This time not after months. Yay. ^_^ This time I will be doing a doll comparison with four of my larger dolls.

American Girl Cécile, Disney Animator's Collection Pocahontas, Princess&Me Elsa, and Precious Moments Freja. (I named her Freja...I am not sure if she came with a name or not. I got her at Epcot...last Friday, in fact!) Here they all are:

Elsa, Cécile, Pocahontas, Freja.
Elsa (Princess&Me) and Cécile (American Girl) are both considered 18"; Pocahontas (Disney Animator's Collection) is 16"; and Freja (Precious Moments) is...well, I'm not sure. I think she is about 14". Elsa and Pocahontas have all-vinyl bodies. Elsa has a torso joint just below her chest; Pocahontas does not. Cécile and Freja have stuffed cloth torsos. EDIT 1/11/18: Freja is all-vinyl too. She just FEELS like her torso is stuffed cloth because her coat is so soft. Sorry for the mistake. Cécile has a stuffed cloth torso.

I will try to keep this comparison more general between the doll lines rather than super specific about the characters. (maybe SOME specifics, but not all.:)) And I'll type Princess&Me as P&M, American Girl as AG, Disney Animator's Collection as DAC, and Precious Moments as PM.

My P&M Elsa is a thrift store rescue, so she has crazy hair and no shoes. But she is still cute.:)

P&M Elsa and AG Cécile both have inset eyes. Cécile's eyes can open and close. Elsa's are fixed. I THINK their heads are close to the same size, but are very different shapes. Elsa's face is narrower than Cécile's. I've seen other P&M dolls in person (though I do not own any others) and I am pretty sure all of them have faces narrower than that of an AG doll.

Also, Elsa's eyes are ginormous compared to Cécile's.:P
Elsa and Cécile

DAC Pocahontas and PM Freja do not have inset eyes. They're painted. These two have very little else in common, though. Their facemolds are completely different; Freja is a lot smaller, etc.
Pocahontas and Freja
On to height comparisons!

Though Elsa and Cécile are both considered 18" dolls, Cécile is a bit shorter.
Elsa and Cécile...and Pocahontas's foot.:P
DAC Pocahontas is obviously a lot smaller than P&M Elsa, but I think these two could work together as siblings or something. They don't seem horridly out of scale with one another or anything.
Elsa and Pocahontas
Freja is a LOT smaller than Elsa. I do think these two COULD work together as siblings or something, though. Freja's head is a little big in scale with Elsa.
Elsa and Freja

Freja and Pocahontas are somehow a worse match size-wise than Freja and Elsa. I am not sure why.
Freja and Pocahontas

Cécile and Freja...sort of work together? Freja would have to be really young, though.:P
Freja and Cécile
I don't think Cécile and Pocahontas go very well together scale-wise for making a dolly family, but it could work. It's more the style of the dolls rather than their sizes. But definitely still cute.
Cécile and Pocahontas
All four of them together! None of them can sit very gracefully except for Cécile.;) Honestly, I don't think it is very obvious from pictures that Cécile costs twice as much as any of the others. She is definitely nicer, but I'm not sure if she is TWICE as nice. Freja's clothes 'feel' very nice and I would frankly put them in the same category as Cécile's. Elsa's dress is definitely the 'cheapest' feeling of the four, but not awful or anything.

Freja's hair feels nice, but as I am not taking her braids down, I can't comment on how well her hair would hold up compared to the others.:P Pocahontas's hair feels nice as well, but it gets knotty VERY easily. I would not give her to a little kid unless the hair was kept braided or something. Cécile's hair is awesome, but her ringlets would definitely get wrecked if a little kid (or big kid!) wasn't being careful. Or tried to brush it. (never, ever brush Cécile's hair!) I think Elsa's hair might have been nice when she was new, and it still looks cute, but honestly she kind of has Anna's bedhead from the movie.:P

I would recommend all four of these dolls wholeheartedly.:)

As this was more of a comparison than an actual review, I shall just sign off here. I hope you enjoyed reading this/looking at the pictures.:)

Signing off for now, over and out!